Next Door Male – Kovi LaCroix

Kovi LaCroix

Next Door Male says: He had come from a place of which they had never heard. He came into town riding on the back of the wettest storm in decades. Some said it was no coincidence Kovi LaCroix arrived when he did, the circumstances were too eerily serendipitous.


He asked for a place to rest a while, a place with shade. The librarian’s brother had an extra room, so he took Kovi home. There was only one request of the out-of-towner. The librarian’s brother would give him shade and let him rest for a bit, but he wanted Kovi to jack off on camera.

Kovi, with mysterious, piercing eyes, nodded his head slowly, agreeing to masturbate on tape. You’ll see here what happened. You’ll witness Kovi unsheathe his manhood and fatten it up with some squeezing and toying.


You’ll experience Kovi tug and stroke his uncut, erect cock for the librarian’s brother’s camera. And you’ll join him in a great release, just before settling down in the shade after days, weeks, perhaps months of travel.





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