Nude football player and fire fighter Trevor Wright jerks out a load at Next Door Male


Nude football player and fire fighter Trevor Wright jerks out a load

Next Door Male says: Tattooed Trevor Wright is an intense sort of guy with interests that run the gamut. An ex-high school football player and volunteer fire fighter, this is one model who shows he’s not afraid to get a little dirty in order to get the job done.


Here we catch up with him for a candid look into his private life, and then our cameras stick around to eavesdrop on a very up close and personal session underneath the red lights. Dark, sultry and eager to please, Trevor teases you with his cock as he spreads his legs on the leather sofa.


Working himself up into a frenzy, he whacks his big dick against a cocktail table and tries to hold out as long as he can, but the excitement gets to him, and so before too long he lays himself out on the sofa and explodes his cumload all over his quivering stomach, rubbing the cum into his skin as the red light flickers above.






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